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First week of ~proper adult work~ down.

First week of ~proper adult work~ down.

Boom, Boom, I Want You in My by Venga Boys


Venga boys - Boom Boom Boom Boom

Watermelon, paupu fruit

Oh, that’s very lovely! Do you reckon I think you’re cute? Would I date you?

I’m at this training induction at the tafe for my job and this is only a specific comment on just the people who are also here, and I’m certainly not also saying I’m automatically better because I’m an “engineer”, but there are some tradie-type workers here both young and old and these ones are just so fucking self-important. They can’t keep their mouths shut about nothing, they have to spout bullshit comments every two seconds. It’d be great if it was relevant, like if they were providing some insight into their work, but instead it’s like a big pissing contest over their jobs and who gets the most attention. This is supposed to be about zero harm in the workplace but it’s more like zero humility.

Watermelon, blueberry, all the fruit tbt

Oh thank you, you are incredibly kind :’)

(I felt so obnoxious reblogging that, I usually don’t.)

P.S. You look super suave with your haircut and shaven face! (Although your facial hair was great too.)

Actually the true use of my degree would be to design an electrical system that doesn’t mess up like that. Come on there were no excessive or abnormal loads, I was just taking a fucking shower.

Stand back everyone, I have an electrical engineering degree.

Flip circuit breaker switch, power comes back on.

Nailed it.