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I should’ve done more work on my report today. I wrote a tiny amount, not much. Instead I was writing down an outline for a novel idea. Oh well.

Today feels very quiet and desolate. Not in a tangible “it’s Easter Saturday so it’s less busy” way, just a vague feeling. Everything feels eerily serene. My mind is a little hazy. I feel a lot better than yesterday.

I only just got up and this is accurate.

I only just got up and this is accurate.

My tax return has also come through and now I’ve reached a milestone with my savings. It’ll go back down again with my dental work but at the moment I’m pretty happy and proud of myself.

Last night’s dreams

First dream:

I was at this big party and it was in the backyard of this house that Kirra and Todor owned. Some of my high school friends were there but I don’t remember which ones apart from Jarrad.

There was this boat that I had started building a long time ago but never finished. Why was it in Kirra and Todor’s backyard? Who knows but everyone was like “let’s finish it!” so we started working on it.

Todor was very high and started giving me advice. He was a plant expert and was telling me which plants we should have for the boat and where to put them.

I started walking towards the back door of the house to go inside and my right leg brushed into this web that then attached to me. There was this big and very unusual spider in the web and it ran down the web and onto my thigh and then scuttled off and disappeared.

I wasn’t sure if I had been bitten or not (I couldn’t feel it) but then my leg went numb and was paralysed (it didn’t collapse but I couldn’t move it). I started screaming out Jarrad’s name and looked back down towards the end of the backyard where most of the people were.

Everyone turned and looked at me and started coming towards me so I said “no, don’t worry, it’s nothing!” and motioned for them to never mind because I still wasn’t sure if I had actually been bitten and I didn’t want to potentially make a big deal out of nothing and be embarrassed.

Everyone went back to doing what they were doing at the party and Jarrad appeared next to me by himself. We looked down at my thigh and saw that the spider had bit me because there was this hole that had caused this dent/dip in my skin (like it had caved in or something). A baby spider ran out of the hole and Jarrad got rid of it. Jarrad went off to call an ambulance and to let everyone know that something had actually happened.

I was then lying on the driveway out the front and this paramedic arrived. He didn’t take me away but treated me on the spot. The hole on my thigh had now turned into this long, thin line like a cut and he applied some cream to it with a cotton bud.

He got back in his car to leave, which I noticed was a private car and he hadn’t arrived in an ambulance which I thought was weird. As he started to drive away I motioned for him to stop so I could ask him a question. He wound down the passenger window and I asked if I was okay to walk around on the leg and he said yes and then drove away.


Second dream:

I was at this large hotel building. The lobby downstairs was actually an office for the people that I had worked with at my work experience and I was stopping by to pay them a visit. I sat around with them for a bit and then went up the building with this person (I forget who it was) to go to their hotel room (can’t remember why).

There were a couple of other people in the room as well. We were standing around for a bit and then someone suddenly broke in and appeared (not through the door or window so I’m not sure how they got in). They were wearing all black and a balaclava.

We all immediately ran out onto the balcony (like that was some sort of instinctual thing that everyone knew to do which I thought was odd). The person was holding a spray can of something and as we ran they sprayed a bit of it into the air.

I looked back in and recognised the person. It was someone from my work, Ben, and he was staring at me and grumbling and muttering.


Also last night was seriously like the best sleep I’ve ever had. I felt so good today.